1. There are few cars that get us more excited than the Ford Focus RS. OK, maybe the matte black Ford Focus RS500.

    Here’s our light graffiti tribute to Ford’s amazing hatchback.

  2. For us, the BMW M1 is one of the greatest sports cars ever created. So, it was about time we gave it the light graffiti treatment.

    We created the M1 for the latest series of our light graffiti cars, which was featured on  websites such as dailymail.co.uk and Xinhua.

  3. Creating the light graffiti Ferrari FF at the BBC’s White City headquarters is one of the highlights of our time creating the Light Graffiti Cars. It was part of our Light Graffiti Cars hit London series, which went on to be featured on Top Gear’s website:¬†


  4. The very first Light Graffiti Car we ever did - the amazing BMW GINA concept!